Due to the rapid ever growing advancements in industries like IT for example, it just does not make sense in purchasing an item today if it is obsolete in a few months time. This is why many clever individuals and businesses are taking the option to Hire Purchase their IT, motor vehicles and office equipment. This assures them of always having the best solutions for their needs at all times.


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    Business and corporate loans

    Don’t let the expense of your product or service cost your business the sales you deserve. With Otelta\’s B2C Finance package, you can offer your customers the opportunity to buy your product or service now, whilst deferring the payment on the purchase.
    Unlike other hire purchase or rent services, at Otelta we outlay the total amount of the product or service immediately, so you can secure the sale hassle-free. No more chasing customers for outstanding payments and bills. You can then make the loan repayments on a term that suits you.

    How it works
    As soon as your application for the Otelta B2C Finance package has been accepted, you will receive the easy-to-fill application forms and relevant information for your store. Your clients can fill in the application form at the store, which can then be faxed to us for approval. For immediate approval, simply contact 1300 OTELTA and an Otelta customer service representative will process the application.
    Applicable industries include medical, IT, automotive, home furnishings, business equipment, telecommunications & more.


    Before taking the big step on starting your company, it is critical to undertake a thorough analysis to establish who your market is and precisely the quota.


    Only once you have completed your extensive research is it now time to commence and put into place a plan that is to be followed and forever changing as your walk upon the path to your goals and endeavours.


    Part of getting your enterprise off the ground is seeking investors, lenders, angles etc. to obtain the necessary capital to setup your company. This is where Otelta can help.


    Every endeavour must have an expiry, otherwise life will provide you with one, usually unexpectedly.
    Set goals that determine a clear and precise conclusion to your plan/s.